Custom dish rack

No matter how much money is spent or how much thought is put into creating a dream kitchen, the space can get very quickly knocked back to mundane ho hum when you pull out the plastic dish rack and plastic bottle of dishwashing liquid. We designed a custom dish rack for the Hermit Street House. You wouldn’t plop a plastic dish rack in a house like Falling Water. We thought this home deserved the same respect. We designed this dish rack to be built into the counter behind the sink. There is a four-foot long, twelve-inch deep trough that runs the length of the sink. In the trough we inserted a flat metal mesh to place the clean cups and glasses, three standard restaurant silverware holders to hold flatware and slotted metal inserts to hold plates. The pot rack over the dish rack was situated to be able to drip into the trough. The dish rack keeps dishes artfully organized while making a necessary kitchen element integrate seamlessly into a custom built kitchen
This dish rack is a permanent detail worth the additional expense.