Custom Wallpaper

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    Julia Blaukopf is a world traveled artist and photographer. We were strongly encouraged to collaborate with her on creating something for Goat Hollow. Finding inspiration was easy; we liked Julia’s work. The challenge was how to make Julia’s work original to Mt. Airy. Finding the appropriate decorative element for Goat Hollow was a key part in the design process. We wanted the existing building and site to direct our vision.
    Julia agreed to take her camera and wander around the property of the restaurant. She took pictures of the old garages with their artfully collapsing roofs, gracefully crumbling stone walls and various forgotten remnants from the original restaurant. Some of the remnants were an old reservation book found lying in the dirt and as well as a milk create mounted to the building for a makeshift basketball hoop during cigarette breaks.
    Julia’s images were collaged and digitally transformed to become wallpaper for the restaurant. In the upstairs dining room, the view from the windows is mirrored on the walls, overlapping with the lines of other photos. The result is an understated and a strikingly original wall texture that allows the history of the restaurant to resonate throughout the space.