Goat Hollow Restaurant

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    Owner of the Race St Café, seasoned Philadelphia restaurateur, Neil Campbell and his partner Andy “Shake” Shahan, hired Design Nehez to re-invent the interiors of the beloved Mt Airy restaurant Goat Hollow. I grew up three blocks from the original Goat Hollow on Mt. Pleasant Avenue. Back in the day, Goat Hollow was known for its great mix of people, live music and the lively conversations heard around the bar. The location had operated as a bar for over 90 years, but had been boarded since 2003. Neil and Andy decided to re-open the location and keep the original name. When we first saw the project, the building was in need of major repair and had been mostly gutted. There was an exciting opportunity to create a completely new decor, but we also wanted to preserve the some of the old grit that had always made Goat Hollow an essential part of the neighborhood’s landscape. We wanted to match the sophistication of Neil’s menu and still keep the place cozy and familiar. We wanted Goat Hollow to blur the boundaries between fresh and aged, formal and friendly, unexpected and familiar.

Selected photos by Halkin Mason Photography