Kelly Ennis – Principal

  • “We need a home in the psychological sense as much as we need one in the physical: to compensate for a vulnerability…We need our rooms to align us to desirable versions of ourselves and to keep alive the important, evanescent sides of us.” – Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness


    While receiving her degree in anthropology from Brown University, Kelly became interested in how people identify a sense of self through the spaces they inhabit. The idea that these spaces could be designed and tailored to individual people’s lives excited her and drove her to pursue a career in architecture. Having grown up in New England, traditional and historic architecture has also had a big influence on Kelly. In renovation work, she feels strongly about keeping with the character of the building and the surrounding area to effectively mesh the new with the old. Much of this influence also stems from the work she has done on the historic island of Nantucket, MA, where she started her career apprenticing for an architect. Kelly feels that there is a certain timelessness that comes along with traditional architecture. She is currently working on a unique renovation project of a 1930’s lake cabin in the Catskills.

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